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Jasmine Hale is a doomed 2020 fine art graduate from Hull. She is currently a self-employed, unemployed and unmarried-housewife simultaneously, and therefore ineligible for universal credit. She lives and wallows in Leeds, and graduated from Leeds Arts University with a degree in PPE, sorry, Fine Art. She is also a founding member of absurdist performance art collective Bikerack and plays the clarinet to a grade 5 level.

Throughout this last module, and indeed my three years at Leeds fArts University, I have put together a fine art practise which intends to highlight and satirize some of the more absurd tenets of british society and culture, with particular emphasis on themes of politics, class, The Monarchy, mass media and the everyday. I use often incongruous imagery and materials to make work with a humorous tone that spans a range of media.

Positioning Statement 2.docx, 2020

Self-plagiarism of a uni essay aside, I like to make funny and unusual work about the horrible country I live in, the truly hideous people who run it and the bizarre systems we just seem to go along with. Particularly with my friends @ bikerack ! I also like furniture restoration, clocks, skateboarding and cooking. My long term goals are to buy a van and a bassoon and end climate change.